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You think you’re deep? You’re the shallow end of life compared to your original hipster dad. He’s had thoughts so deep they’d sink you. 


Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls (by rocketrictic)


YOU’RE a baby

I’M a baby




By virtue of being created as human beings, we will be tested. We will be thrown into countless trials, into situations that may arise unpleasant and awkward, and into times of difficulty when it seems as though there is little reason to hope.

Tests will come at us from every direction; events will test the very core of our character and the strength of our beliefs. And these are the tests we cannot afford to fail. And Allah, Glory be to Him, has not left us empty-handed.
Building our knowledge and our characters as Muslims is the only way.

A “beautiful word” in this verse refers to the Islamic statement of belief: la illaha ill Allah (there is no being worthy of worship except Allah). And the verse goes on to refer to a beautiful tree, which illustrates the character of a believer.

According to this verse, a believer is one whose Iman, or faith, is unwavering and firmly established. He or she cannot be swayed from the straight path by the winds of trials, no matter how fierce the storm. Knowing and believing that there is no being worthy of worship except Allah, Glory be to Him, and following His commandments provides a believer with the stability and confidence he or she needs to succeed.


Chocolate-covered grapes do bonbons one better.


Female Emperor Moth
Watercolors on 7x10 arches paper

I am in love with this


Close your eyes right before it loops